There is no such thing as an average dog at Pets Animal Hotel as there is no such thing as an average pet. We will tailor make our daily timetable to suit your pet, ensuring he/she is contented & related in a stress free, fun loving environment.

An example of an average relaxed day for a fit healthy adult dog:

7 – 8.30 wake up walkies
8.30 – 9.30 breakfast
9.30 housekeeping, grooming, playtime
1.00 /2.00 lunchtime walks
2.00 – 3.00 sleep time / quiet time
3.00 playtime
6.00 afternoon walks
6-8 teatime
9.00 evening stroll, bedtime bickies.

Obviously adjustments will be made to suit individual needs i.e. puppies, elderly dogs, dogs needing medication.Activity times subject to seasons change.

Indoor play

Although we try to get outdoors as much as possible, animals also enjoy the excitement of indoor play. We have a fabulous purpose built playroom equipt with ball pit, agility equipment, soft play area.

Outdoor Playground

Outdoor play areas consist of large fenced paddocks where your dog can run free, chase a ball and enjoy life. During the summer months, puddle pool play is available.

Woodland Walks

An ideal activity for your dog to do what he does naturally, sniff and investigate the exciting smell of the beautiful area around him.